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Pattern matching and exception handling,

(OCaml 4.02 has branched, which makes it a good time to stop and take a look at what to expect for this release. This is part of a series of posts where I’ll describe the features that strike me as notable. This is part 3. You can also check out …

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How to use Python and OCaml in the same Jupyter

OCaml is an amazing programming language to write industrial strength libraries and systems. At Jane Street we use it for literally all of our production systems, including for FPGA design, web development, and even machine learning. However, for certain tasks we have found a different workflow to be highly effective: using Python with …

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All about Chrome extensions

Web browsers have supported custom plug-ins and extensions since the 1990s, giving users the ability to add their own features and tools for improving workflow or building closer integration with applications or databases running on back-end servers. The Google Chrome browser supports extensions that add to its functionality and which are typically hosted on the Chrome Web …

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